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We Made it to Clusterfest Y'all!!!

The Psychos finally did it baby! We made it to Clusterfest. It's been a long, hard road and the hard work and dedication has finally paid off. Psychos, it's time to celebrate!

Nate Spears here, just checking in on you crazy kids. Are you going to Clusterfest? Yeah? You balla ass balla you... Congrats! You won't regret it. There will be a ton of dope talent there and even a few personal idols of mine (definitely gonna check out the Comedy Bang Bang show!). I personally can't fucking wait!

Shout out to all the comics on our show, Leiroy Abueg (our fearful leader), Brian Blanco (the smile you can't resist), Alyssa Westerlund (the fiery, unpredictable one), Anthony K. (seasoned vet), Malcolm Hatchett (Kill Tony Alumni) and me, Nate Spears (the short black guy).

We Psychos have come a long way but still have a long way to go. We are committed to bringing our fans (correction, fam) the best local and not so local entertainment that transcends the traditional "comedy show" and airs more on the side of delivering an incredible live experience that you will never want to forget. We plan to do just that at Clusterfest. Get ready. Are you ready? I'll wait....... now? Cool.

Anyways, see you folks at Clusterfest. Remember to download the Clusterfest app on your phone, search for Comedy Psychos (performing Sunday @ 4pm) and be sure to like us (help us get more likes than Amy Poehler) and add us to your itinerary so you won't miss out on the fun!

Psychos, out.

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