Stand up Comedy has been and always will be at the root of what makes up our team. Comedians Leiroy Abueg, Brian Blanco, and Nate Spears first met in the San Francisco comedy scene. On nights when there were no formal places to do comedy, the core trio would drive around the Bay Area with a speaker and microphone to convince bars, venues, and even ice cream shops to perform impromptu comedy shows they dubbed as Guerilla Mics! 

Constantly looking for unlikely places to perform comedy, Leiroy Abueg dragged his fellow comedians to a release party for his favorite clothing brand San Franpsycho. Everyone shared good drinks and fun laughs with the owner, Christian Routzen, and he agreed to introduce comedy to the store. After doing two shows inside the flagship store, attendance grew to the point where the team decided to take the show to the backyard and create Comedy Psychos.

Traditional comedy shows are successful in low ceiling rooms to allow laughter to echo, they typically are best at night, and is best when there are no competing attractions or performances. Comedy Psychos breaks all those rules--comedians perform without a roof under the warm California sun, symbiotically with craft brews, cannabis vendors, and bands across all genres. This controlled chaos has not only attracted large crowds, but also comedians from across the country who have been seen on Comedy Central, HBO, The Joe Rogan Podcast, Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, comedy clubs around the world, and more!

There are no other comedy shows like this where audience members and performers alike have such a fun and interactive experience. For a unique and unforgettable comedy experience, be sure to come to Comedy Psychos.

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