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Leiroy Abueg

Comedian and the creator of Comedy Psychos, Leiroy Abueg, began Stand Up Comedy in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has since performed across the country in clubs such as The World Famous Comedy Store in LA, The Improv Fort Lauderdale, The Stand in New York, Cobb's Comedy Club in San Francisco and more! Known for his silly approach and well crafted writing, Leiroy is sure to make you hang onto every word.

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Nate Spears

Nate Spears is an ever changing comedian who crafts his style specifically to his audience. His impeccable improvisation skills allows him to create hilarious songs on the spot as he plays his Baritone Ukelele. Nate Spears is a regular at San Francisco Bay Area clubs such as Rooster T Feathers, Tommy T's, and Cobb's Comedy club.  

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Brian Blanco

Brian Blanco is a high energy, wildly unpredictable comedian. Watching his animated acted outs gives audience members the same rush of energy as twelve espresso shots. Blanco's curiosity to navigate the ever-developing world makes him a likable comedian to root for. Blanco has worked in various clubs in Los Angeles and after a brief return to the Bay Area, he is now navigating the comedy scene in Texas.

Kayla is our head booker and heart of Comedy Psychos team. Before each of our 

monumental shows, Kayla has been the one to rally the team to make sure everyone is performing their best! From coordinating talent, to all the small details that make our shows unique, Kayla has been at the center to making sure we create the best experiences out there!

Kayla Voskes

Alyssa Westerlund

Alyssa Westerlund's sweet, innocent looks belie her wicked sense of humor and spot on delivery. She inspires women and melts men, like toy soldiers in the microwave. Alyssa's comedy will rip your guts out, tear your heart to pieces, grab you by the genitalia and not let go until you're in stitches. Alyssa has been with us since the early Comedy Psychos shows and joined us for Clusterfest, Comedy Day, and most of our milestone shows! Alyssa is now one of our lead producers.

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